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Books - Religion & Spirituality - Occult - Crop Circles

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Crop Circles
list: $13.99
by Robert Hale Ltd
Paperback (01 January, 2002)
Crop Circles
list: $27.00
by Thorsons Pub
Hardcover (15 January, 2000)
(8 reviews) 3.88 out of 5 stars
Customer Review: Even-handed book on controversial topic: This is a thorough and well reasoned, and well-balanced examination of a phenomena that has excited strong feelings on both sides.

Crop Circles
list: $11.99
by John F. Turner and Company
Unknown Binding
Crop Circles
list: $11.99
by John F. Turner and Company
Unknown Binding

Crop Circles
list: $13.36 - our price: $13.36
by Wooden Books
Hardcover (01 September, 1999)
Dowsing the Crop Circles: New Insights into the Greatest of Modern Mysteries
list: $12.95
by Gothic Image Publications
Hardcover (01 April, 1993)

Fields of Mystery: Crop Circles in Sussex

by SB Publications
Paperback (01 June, 1996)
Goddess of the Stones
list: $28.95
by Souvenir Press
Hardcover (01 June, 1990)

Hypnotizing Crop Circle Shapes
list: $13.95 - our price: $10.46
by Adventures Unlimited Press
Paperback (01 October, 2004)
If in Doubt, Blame the Aliens!: A New Scientific Analysis of Ufo Sightings, Alleged Alien Abductions,
list: $15.95 - our price: $15.95
by Writer's Showcase Press
Paperback (01 December, 2000)

Invasion: UFOs, Ets, and Crop Circle Warnings
list: $9.95
by Steve Canada
Hardcover (April, 1994)
Messages from Space: Crop Circles Bring the First Indisputable Extra-Terrestrial
list: $24.95 - our price: $16.47
by Michael Wiese Productions
Paperback (01 November, 2002)
(1 reviews) 5 out of 5 stars
Customer Review: Indisputable evidence - well documented: I read and reviewed "Messages From Space" earlier this year for a print publication. I am currently writing for two websites and wished to add some comments to this review area.

Mysterious Lights and Crop Circles
list: $19.95
by Paper Chase
Paperback (December, 2001)
(15 reviews) 3.93 out of 5 stars
Customer Review: Not bad - but not REALLY good either.: More medium than well-done. If you skip all the non-relevant story-telling ("I had to climb over the barbed wire with my shorts on..
Opening Minds: A Journey of Extraordinary Encounters, Crop Circles, and Resonanc
list: $19.95 - our price: $16.96
by Mount Baldy Press
Paperback (01 August, 2002)
(3 reviews) 5 out of 5 stars
Customer Review: A door to the future!: An excellent cross-discipline book that brings the reader into a much bigger phenomenon that crop circles themselves.

Quest for Contact: Crop Circles, Psychics and UFOs

by SB Publications
Paperback (01 July, 1997)
Scams From The Great Beyond : How To Make Easy Money Off Of Esp, Astrology, Ufos,
list: $20.00
by Paladin Press
Paperback (January, 1997)
(4 reviews) 4 out of 5 stars
Customer Review: Good Enough For Government Work: While it is true that there are much better explanitory/historical case studies books, and have been for generations now,

Secrets in the Fields: The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles
list: $19.95 - our price: $13.57
by Hampton Roads Publishing Company
Paperback (01 September, 2002)
(12 reviews) 4.17 out of 5 stars
Customer Review: THE SPIRAL CONNECTION: ...I pulled this book off of the shelf - flipped to the amazing color photos - and was, in turn, literally pulled INTO one of them!
Signs On The Earth: Deciphering The Message Of Virgin Marry Apparitions, Ufo Encounters,
list: $15.95 - our price: $10.85
by Hampton Roads Publishing Company
Paperback (30 June, 2005)

The Can Science Solve?: Crop Circles (Can Science Solve?)

by Heinemann Educational Books - Library Division
Hardcover (15 February, 1999)
The Crop Circle Enigma: A Range of Viewpoints from the Centre of Crop Circle Studie
list: $24.95
by Gateway Books (GB)
Hardcover (01 December, 1990)

The Deepening Complexity of Crop Circles: Scientific Research and Urban Legends
list: $20.00 - our price: $13.60
by Frog Ltd
Paperback (15 December, 2001)
(12 reviews) 4.33 out of 5 stars
Customer Review: Nicely written: A well worthwhile look at crop circles. The author puts forward his hypothesis, and he does so convincingly. Backing his statements up with well designed experiments that have at least been published in the scientific literature.
The Gift : the Crop Circles Deciphered
list: $32.95 - our price: $22.41
by Blue Note Books
Hardcover (01 January, 1996)
(7 reviews) 3.71 out of 5 stars
Customer Review: The Gift: This is a very original crop circle book! Written in a time that the crop pictograms mainly consisted of circles, rings and bars,

The Mysterious Visitor: A Lion and Bobbi Mystery (Lion & Bobbi Mysteries)
list: $6.95 - our price: $6.95
by Raincoast Books
Paperback (01 April, 2002)
The Mystery of Crop Circles (Can Science Solve)
list: $22.79 - our price: $22.79
by Heinemann Library
Library Binding (01 June, 1999)

The Sphinx and Mars Face Identified: Crop Circle Analysis Leads to New Findings
list: $7.95
by Steve Canada
Paperback (March, 1994)
UFO USA : A Traveler's Guide to UFO Sightings, Abduction, Sights, Crop Circles, and
list: $12.95
by Hyperion
Paperback (26 May, 1999)

Ufos, Crop Circles and Mars Structures-Their Common Origin: Crop Circle Symbols Link
list: $3.95
by Steve Canada
Paperback (01 June, 1993)
Vital Signs: A Complete Guide to the Crop Circle Mystery and Why It Is Not a Hoa
list: $20.00 - our price: $14.00
by Frog Ltd.
Paperback (01 January, 2003)
(2 reviews) 5 out of 5 stars
Customer Review: A Crop Circle Encyclopedia: Vital Signs is the most comprehensive guide to the beautiful and enigmatic crop circles ever written.

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