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Books - Religion & Spirituality - Other Practices - Monasticism

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Trappist: Living in the Land of Desire
list: $35.00 - our price: $23.10
by Paulist Press
Hardcover (01 December, 1997)
(3 reviews) 5 out of 5 stars
Customer Review: An Up-Close look at a Fascinating World: TRAPPIST: LIVING IN THE LAND OF DESIRE appears almost to be a coffee table book. It was written as a companion to a PBS special about the monks at Mepkin Abbey in South Carolina,
Unveiled: The Hidden Lives of Nuns
list: $24.95 - our price: $15.72
by Berkley Publishing Group
Hardcover (02 March, 2004)
(9 reviews) 4 out of 5 stars
Customer Review: Don't waste your time or money: This is not "investigative reporting." The book is filled with nonsense. The author did not do any basic research into the teachings or traditions of the Holy Catholic Church.

Waters of Siloe
list: $16.00
by Harvest Books
Paperback (01 July, 2003)
(4 reviews) 4.25 out of 5 stars
Customer Review: Disconcerting premise: While agreeing with the previous reviews about the extraordinary amount of material here and Merton's ability to write narrative in a way that engages in an entertaining way,
Western Monasticism: A History of the Monastic Movement in the Latin Church (Cistercian
list: $46.95 - our price: $46.95
by Cistercian Publications
Hardcover (01 October, 2000)

What Makes a Cistercian Monk
list: $9.95 - our price: $9.95
by Liturgical Press
Paperback (August, 2004)
Wisdom for the Journey: Conversations With Spiritual Fathers of the Christian Eas
list: $14.95 - our price: $14.95
by Alba House
Paperback (01 February, 2001)

Women in the Vanishing Cloister: Organizational Decline in Catholic Religious Orders
list: $59.00 - our price: $59.00
by Rutgers University Press
Hardcover (01 January, 1993)
(1 reviews) 5 out of 5 stars
Customer Review: Good Book: This book is an excellent examination of the decline of catholic religious order from a sociological perspective. I found it very insightful to those working in the creation or maintenance of religious communities.
Women's Monasticism and Medieval Society: Nunneries in France and England, 890-121
list: $19.95 - our price: $19.95
by Cornell University Press
Paperback (01 May, 1999)

Word & Spirit: A Monastic Review (No 18)
list: $8.00 - our price: $8.00
by St. Bebe's Publications
Paperback (01 July, 1998)

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